Angrybirdsrio Islands is an island chain located in the Pacific Ocean. It is home to unique tree species and approximately 16 islands, which one of them is a volcano named Isla Devrîa.

List of Current Islands Edit

Island Name Notes
4dev54 Island Largest Island
4dev55 Island Second Largest Island
Angrybirdsneo Island Spawn Island
angrybirdsrio8 Island
angrybirdsrio10 Island
angrybirdsrio39 Island
angrybirdsrio42 Island
angrybirdsrio66 Island
angrybirdsrio250 Island Second Smallest Island
angrybirdsrio256 Island
angrybirdsrio360 Island
angrybirdsrio512 Island Smallest Island
angrybirdsrio998 Island Formerly named ABRio5 Island
angrybirdsrioInfinite Island
EpicAngrybirdsrio Island
Isla Devrîa Volcano

List of Proposed Islands Edit

  • Angrybirdsrio71 Island
  • Angrybirdsrio32 Island
  • Angrybirdsrio36 Island
  • Angrybirdsrio69 Island